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Jason's IC CE Bus Pack

Jason's IC CE Bus Pack 2018-11-20

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Jason's IC CE pack.
2005 IC CE200 (6.0L VT365)
2006 IC CE200 (6.0L VT365)
2009 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT)
2010 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT)
2012 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT)
2013 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT)
2015 IC CE (6.7L Cummins ISB)
2018 IC CE (6.7L Cummins ISB)

Hood, Cross view mirrors, wheels, N/B editing: Voulk
Sounds: various
Everything else: Me (Jason)

Please do not re-upload/modify or take any parts from the bus pack without asking me or Voulk first. However you are free to upload skins and use the existing buses for any type of role play in RoR. Please do not import any parts of this bus into any other game.
First release
Last update
4.45 star(s) 20 ratings

Latest reviews

thank you joey.
Love thease buses 2018 crashes my game..A.D.M17x Its Ctrl 1&@ Stop sign is F2 F1 and door is f4and 3
great buses just the 2018 crashes the game would love to drive it tho
the busses are pretty good, but the Cummins ISB engine in the 2015 IC CE in this pack, has an idle sound that sounds less like a Cummins ISB, & more like a CAT C7.
The only question is why the buses are so light. They drive like car, one turn and the back ends are sliding, and when you brake the who bus jolts back is there anyway to fix this
Excellent bus! Models are great, look realistic, and the best part, they're public! The sad part is that the 2018 crashes my game.
i like it but 2018 crashes game
On the 2009 to 2013 buses the shifting is quite quick and also the 5th and 6th gear are supposed to bring the rpm down as if both were 2nd and 3rd gears put together.
Game keeps crashing while im trying to spawn a bus MY DISK SPACE IS LOW D:::
it is just good i liked it