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great map but how do you fix everything being white
Don't extract the zip. Just place the file into the packs folder.
all the buses are good but the 2018 crashes the game
this map is so fun to drive around on
Eh uhh...There could be an RHD version...But i like it!!Altough,it spawns in Green instead of red,but i like it :)
Agent V12
Agent V12
The original mod came with a folder full of different liveries, I may have accidentally unpacked it or something along those lines. Don't worry, soon all of them will be easily accessed through a skinzip menu.
Very nice (even if it isn't yours), but a few things..
Red in image, green in actual pack...
Such a British car... why LHD version!?
...although these are minor annoyances :)
This was a really great crane in the past; now, it's even better. Thanks for giving this crane a slight aesthetic rebirth!
It's Mr. Beans car in RoR
Muito legal
I love obstacles, and just normal roads, its off road and civilian theme. I just enjoy this so much, what is the Haymaker tractor, is up for download??
Looks good but the roof doesn't look like a quattro for me.
These are some really good busses.
Despite not being fully completed, this model is an awesome one! The exterior looks great, with the texture/reflection of an actual car on a sunny day. In addition, this car deforms realistically, better then the other models made by Gabester. The engine compartment actually has something in it.

But only complaints is that besides having an unfinished interior (like described), the first car of the pack, GV3, causes my game to crash for some reason.

Other then that, great addition.
Excellent little transport vehicle. Deceivingly powerful, adorable, and just plain awesome. My only complaint is the lack of a submeshed bed, so collisions don't work properly.
This truck is AMAZING! thank you for creating it.
Better than MitCity and N-City! :D
Take me home...
I have been looking for this map for ever, THANKS!