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Latest reviews

this is so sad! i cant spawn :(
the busses are pretty good, but the Cummins ISB engine in the 2015 IC CE in this pack, has an idle sound that sounds less like a Cummins ISB, & more like a CAT C7.
Nice car pack. Not so great for crashing though =/
The deformation is as good as it can get with the model we're using. If the bumpers detached, for example, it would expose the lack of an unibody.
Very high quality model from when I tested it, it drives quite smoothly, and the suspension is realistic. The only problem that annoys me a bit is the fact that it can't be deformed.
It's not made to deform
It keeps crashing my game when i spawn it :(
what is the car with flame decal very good mod
That car would be the DI Sportster, which unfortunately the author removed the download to.
The only question is why the buses are so light. They drive like car, one turn and the back ends are sliding, and when you brake the who bus jolts back is there anyway to fix this
Excellent bus! Models are great, look realistic, and the best part, they're public! The sad part is that the 2018 crashes my game.
i like it but 2018 crashes game
Fun map to mess around and free drive in.
I love this mod so much
No vehicles will ever be as good as Gabester's vehicles. It's a shame he didn't get to finish the GV or the Mitsubishi Space Wagon. In my opinion the Gavril MV Series is the best of all of them
Best RoR mod
these cars are like from beam.ng. They have the exact same elements, but a bit slower. Overall, it's really good.