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    Random Screens

    Product of the Community Back when I could run it...
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    this games is going nowhere unless!!!!!!!

    Much of the reason that some of our greatest creators have left this community is because of similar posts by people like you, @smurfn14 , because what you are saying in this post is nothing new, as a quick glance through the archived general discussion will tell you. What you are doing is...
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    Random Screens

    In For the Long Haul
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    Solved Yea, I'm having problems...

    What is your RoR version, and what are the settings you are using? Post your RoR.log, along with the Config.log.
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    As far as I know, aside from a script present on certain maps involving an exploit of the old waypoint system, RoR doesn't really have an official AI script, nor is likely to feature one in the foreseeable future. (I learned my lesson, CuriousMike)
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    looking for different vehicles.

    There is an archive of over 4,000 vehicles, loads, and terrains. I guarantee searching different terms on there will yield good results.
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    Unsolved AI

    Yeah, I forgot about that.
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    Unsolved Hi help about trailers

    I presume you are using Rigs of Rods, which does not feature a universal collision system that allows you to put any loads on a flatbed, because either they aren't compatible with one another, or weren't given proper collision meshes. No map exists (and is likely to stay that way) that...
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    Released Lamborghini Miura

    Documents -> Rigs of Rods 0.4 -> Packs
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    Unsolved AI

    There is no AI system in Rigs of Rods.
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    Dual Rear Exhaust for Box5Diesel's Dodge Ram

    You have to unzip it, place the contents in the desired vehicle zip, and then you need to place the meshes via the .truck file.
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    Solved Where can I find this mower?

    Search the archives. It pops right up, along with it's attachments.
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    Solved graysonk95's buses

    It is the exact same as every other bus: ctrl 1 to activate ambers, and ctrl 2 to activate warning lights. It is also in the description of his vehicles.
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    Solved Sound

    check volume settings in Settings
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    Mack Granite GU813 Axle Back Trucks

    You must have deleted one of the vehicles, because in the newer dev builds, deleting another of the same/ variants of a vehicle with the same GUI will glitch out the textures and/or materials. Afaik, reloading each vehicle normally fixes the issue.
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    Dump Trailer

    Needs cinecam, renamed frame mesh, minipictures and an author name
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    Random Screens

  18. Agent V12

    Random Screens

    Awaiting approval on Repository
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    Dura-Built 96T FedEx Ground Skin 1

    This is my first-ever skin of an item for RoR. Have at it. Link to DarthCain's 96T
  20. Agent V12

    Dura-Built 96T FedEx Ground Skin

    Agent V12 submitted a new repository file: Dura-Built 96T FedEx Ground Skin - A skin meant to complement the International 4400 FedEx skin. Read more about this file...