1. CuriousMike

    1982 DI Sportster 390C 2/10/2019

    Derbymutt's DI Sportster, improved & re-uploaded with permission. Features: Fully deformable Realistic top speed RWD Many skins 4 versions Fully animated interior Pop-up headlights (F1/F2) Changes from the previous release: Fixed engine for Added @ShawnVallance's HotWheels...
  2. CuriousMike

    2003 Ford Windstar LX 2/10/2019

    2003 Ford Windstar LX by Calamity. Versions: Ford Windstar LX Ford Windstar LX (steelies) Ford Windstar LX Tenzo
  3. CuriousMike

    Beta 1996 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe 1/1/2019

    Update 1/1/2019: Added Race version with 3 liveries Separated brake meshes Updated PSD zip to include a PSD for the wing. A revamp of the Dodge Viper from 0.36. Features: High quality textures New deformable node/beam Proper RWD handling 6 wheel options Openable hood/doors/hatch Sounds...
  4. CuriousMike

    1988 Audi UR-Quattro 1.0

    Changes from the old release: Handling issues fixed - wheels no longer bounce uncontrollably Added Rally version Fixed most texture errors on seats and front bumper Fixed steering wheel animation Removed videocameras (to save on FPS and skin support, they'll be back if is ever released)...
  5. CuriousMike

    Chevrolet G30 Camper 1.0

    Updated/Reworked version of the G30 Camper originally made for the G20 mod competition, featuring new meshes and a fully deformable n/b. Changes from the old version: New skin friendly UV map New skins Fixed door windows Added rear flares, fixed front turn signals Chassis submesh removed...
  6. U

    Gabester Vehicle Pack 1.0

    To install, extract the zip file into the packs folder.