Trout River Live Bottom

Trout River Live Bottom 1

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Jan 14, 2018
negativeice submitted a new repository file:

Trout-river-live-bottom - Trailer


CTRL-F1-F2: Legs
CTRL-F3-F4: Door
CTRL-F5-F6: main_suspension
CTRL-F7-F8: drop_axles
CTRL-F9-F10: load_unload_trailer
CTRL-F11-F12: tarp

While empty CTRL-F6 will raise the trailer and drop axles off the ground a bit and CTRL-F8 will drop the drop axles.

PDNS included in zip for skins.

Huge thanks to lifter for his help with adding the loading system to the trailer.
The texture of the material inside is changeable, just find trout-trailer-coal.jpg in the zip.
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