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Thread: My custom parts!

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    My custom parts!

    I want to share some of the parts I made. I have a few more rims coming soon and maybe some engines

    1. Wed Kranze Cerberus II (the tire is included but isn't textured, just black)
    My custom parts!-screenshot_2018-07-10_14-10-18_1-pngMy custom parts!-screenshot_4-png

    2. Work VSKF
    My custom parts!-screenshot_2018-07-10_16-08-15_1-png
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    Re: My custom parts!

    Nice. It looks like you're not taking requests?
    2005 Chevy Duramax LLY - 5" Magnaflow straight pipe - 20x12 Fuel Mavericks

    2004 Chevy Duramax LB7 - 5" MBRP straight pipe - Stock wheels

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    Re: My custom parts!

    It depends on what parts you are asking for but yes I can take some requests

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    Re: My custom parts!

    Quote Originally Posted by greenzd1 View Post
    It depends on what parts you are asking for but yes I can take some requests
    Could you make. Side pipes like these

    My custom parts!-l300-jpg
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    I LIKE TRUCKS AND TRAINS[SUP] (espeically scanias and bombardiers)
    Thanks for reading this ^-^

    But don't be afraid if you have questions about me just ask me via private messages

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    Re: My custom parts!

    The rims dont work for me it turnes the tires white and shows no rims

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