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Thread: Just some things.

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    Just some things.

    I had these up on the old forum. had the idea from Pixel Car Racer.
    Just some things.-screenshot_2017-04-24_19-17-36_1-pngJust some things.-screenshot_2017-04-24_19-19-06_1-png
    hachi roku
    Dropbox -

    Just some things.-screenshot_2017-04-28_15-38-01_1-pngJust some things.-screenshot_2017-04-26_04-14-45_1-png
    88 accord
    Dropbox -
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    Re: Just some things.

    Just some things.-bandicam-2018-02-18-00-32-10-230-png

    sneak peak maybe?

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    Re: Just some things.

    Hey There Fellow Pixel Car Racer Player!
    بطيئة وهادئ
    Slow And Calm

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    Re: Just some things.

    Hi there ^_^ how are you.

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    Re: Just some things.

    I'm doing good. By the way are you showing the license plate or the car?
    بطيئة وهادئ
    Slow And Calm

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    Re: Just some things.

    Just some things.-bandicam-2018-02-20-17-56-06-237-png its the license plate tow hook

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just some things.-screenshot_2018-02-19_17-14-11_1-jpg

    The Pandem kit is cumming along good.

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    Re: Just some things.

    Oh ok
    بطيئة وهادئ
    Slow And Calm

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