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  5. ai
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  9. Tinkering with Softbdy physics
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  13. Maybe add an interactive map and weather?
  14. RoR Desktop Mod Manager
  15. did not give me the download pack in the installer
  16. In-game testing of new mods (reloading resources etc...)
  17. Future: how to define N/B in truckfile
  18. Project 'minimap'
  19. Real world map to game terrain?
  20. SKP Files
  21. Build problem with SocketW
  22. dev-a356fc... crashed on Linux when force feedback is enabled.
  23. dev-a356fc... graphics problem: OGRE exception
  24. macOS compiling problem.
  25. LINEARITY not working for joystick mappings.
  26. Curl depends on libssl.1.0.0 in conan build.
  27. Main character animations and poses in RoR
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