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  3. idle rpm
  4. Shell scripts to build Rigs of Rods git on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint
  5. In-game terrain editor mode
  6. Add so you can see how many hours you've played?
  7. ai
  8. Enter the Codebase
  9. Developer suffering a "release block"
  10. Terminology and Design
  11. Tinkering with Softbdy physics
  12. ROR On ChromeOS
  13. Development Build Changelog?
  14. What's The Deal With Rig-Editor?
  15. Maybe add an interactive map and weather?
  16. RoR Desktop Mod Manager
  17. did not give me the download pack in the installer
  18. In-game testing of new mods (reloading resources etc...)
  19. Future: how to define N/B in truckfile
  20. Project 'minimap'