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Thread: Collaboration request - Shading meshes in Blender

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    Collaboration request - Shading meshes in Blender

    Some might remember me as the creator of the first functional powerful crawler crane: WIP Heavy crawler crane - Page 11
    I had some old models laying around and figured I might as well put them to use. Quite a few years late it seems, as this player base is almost nonexistent nowadays. In any case, I'm pretty good with Sketchup which is what I use to create these models. I know it sucks, because it's technically the worst possible 3D modeling program, but that's the situation right now and I don't plan to re-learn any other program just for this very brief comeback. I tried following the Blender shading tutorial that is available but failed miserably.

    What I'm asking is basically if there is anyone out there who is willing to help with shading these meshes (and some more that are secret as of now) in your 3D program of choice (it doesn't have to be Blender), obviously in exchange for being allowed to test the vehicles. You won't be in a hurry or anything like that as I'm quite busy in real life myself. Send a PM if you're interested.


    Collaboration request - Shading meshes in Blender-screenshot_2018-09-24_15-47-38_1-jpgCollaboration request - Shading meshes in Blender-screenshot_2018-11-01_20-59-37_1-png
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