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Thread: Sketchup and Win10

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    Question Sketchup and Win10

    Has anyone managed to find a way to have the Ogre Exporter for Sketchup work on Windows 10? I've just gotten back into RoR and fixing up some of my older models, and although the plugins still seem to work, the batch window doesn't open when I export my meshes and there is no export folder anywhere to be found. I'm afraid I may have to move to Maya or Blender.
    Stuck in Sketchup and loving it

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    Re: Sketchup and Win10

    The last Sketchup version supported by the OGRE plugins is version 8, which hasn't been officially supported in years and isn't surprising that it doesn't work anymore.
    You would be best off just abandoning Sketchup and learning Blender. This docs page should help you get started with setting up the Blender plugins: Blender mesh editing -
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