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    Rev limitrer


    i have a little problem with engine RPM. In .truck file min rpm and max rpm is for min and max rpm when automatic transmission changes gear but I wanted to have max rpm gear change at 5000 rpm and max engine rpm at 5250 rpm but I can't find this possible. So if somebody knows how to add max engine rpm then please reply.

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    By rev limiter, I suppose you mean the RPM bouncing up and down at the set max RPM. This is currently not possible. Your best bet is to raise the max RPM to 5250 and press the "A" key to upshift at 5000rpm. Hope I helped!

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    Re: Rev limitrer

    By default, vehicle engines in RoR max at 1.25 times what you define for the shift up RPM.

    A shift up point of 5000RPM will redline at 6250RPM, while a shift up point of 4200RPM will redline at 5250RPM.

    The engine section on the truck file documentation is found here: Truck file format -

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    Re: Rev limitrer

    Thanks for the reply. So there is no other way than for example match max gear change rpm to 5000 and ignore that 6250 red line? That's disappointing. But do you know guys if there is a way to change airfoil? I mean to decrease air resistance a little bis so this rpm and max gear change won't disturb me? I know I can just simply increase engine torque a little bit but I don't want to.

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    Re: Rev limitrer

    Under engoption, you can reduce the first number, the inertia. This should do what you are wanting.

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    Re: Rev limitrer

    For the air resistance issue, make sure you have a fusedrag defined in your truck file.

    Truck file format - Fusedrag

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