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Thread: C7 Corvette mods?

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    C7 Corvette mods?

    Will there be any C7 Corvette mods cause I am a big fan of corvettes

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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    Make an attempt to look in the repo before asking, and if there aren't, you could try making one

    Archive - Rigs of Rods Repository Files
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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    Hello, i have a list of Corvette Mods. (Incase you are lazy to search)
    WIP Beta released 1969-78 Corvette Stingray Generation 3 Pack (UPDATE 6/25/13) = 1969 - 1978 Corvette Packs
    i think thats the only corvette i could find in the archives.
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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    thank you

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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    the links for the download of the file ere dead

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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    There's a working download here: Anybody know where i could find this mod pack?

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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    ded link

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    Re: C7 Corvette mods?

    Quote Originally Posted by Soiman View Post
    ded link
    Anybody know where i could find this mod pack?
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