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Thread: Can somebody please help me?

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    Can somebody please help me?

    Yes, I have a few questions I'd like to ask.

    Who do I see about retrieving some archival downloads, and where do I need to go to talk to them?

    I am needing some vehicles from the pre-0.4 era, and despite using the WayBack machine, I can't download what I find.

    I've tried the archives in the repository, but they weren't there.

    Can someone help?
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    Re: Can somebody please help me?

    It would definitely help if you let us know what you're looking for, specifically.

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    Looking for some very old vehicles


    Yes, I'd like to ask if anyone has some pre-0.4 vehicles.

    I need the following-

    The Gantor Mega,

    The Caterpillar 797, (An old WIP model).


    The Melroe Prime Mover

    The AEC London Routemaster Bus

    And the GMC General/Jimmy. (I can't remember the exact name of that one. All I know was that it was a 14 wheeled log truck, (2 front wheels, three sets of dual back wheels.)

    I would like to know if anyone has these vehicles, as I'd like to restore my collection, as well as use the vehicles in the multiplayer mode.

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    Re: Looking for some very old vehicles

    Did you search in the archives? I think it's the best way to find all the mods.
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    Re: Looking for some very old vehicles

    What i meant was, it had two front wheels, and twelve driving wheels.

    That's four tires apiece, set on three rear differentials.

    As for the truck, it was a rather boxy affair, with a squared off long nose design. It had a stake bed on its back, with the logs contained behind the stakes.

    The whole thing looked like a timber rig, the kind that carry the logs on the back rather than a trailer.

    It looked roughly like this, only with two headlights instead of four, and no crane arm attached. -

    Can somebody please help me?-1988-gmc-5-star-tri-axle-1-jpg

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    Re: Looking for some very old vehicles

    This is your answer. It is now up to you to find it. Its called Kenworth W900

    Can somebody please help me?-kroujje-png

    Use the search feature at the top right of this page.

    Archive - Rigs of Rods Repository Files

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    Re: Looking for some very old vehicles

    I'm sorry, but i'm afraid that i still can't find it. I paste the name in the search box, and it tells me that there are no files detected.

    Also, i'm looking for always read GMC Jimmy/General in the repository.

    I don't mean to be rude, but that's just what i remember.

    Also, may i ask if you have the Gantor Mega Machines pack? That'd be the GM Terex Titan, and an accompanying giant wheeled dozer.

    Again, i mean no offence by this reply.

    And the Melroe , dieselpunk, and routemaster worked, by the way. Thanks.

    I was also wrong about the truck. it has four headlights after all.
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    Re: Can somebody please help me?

    Since the Jantor BigMachines were never uploaded to the repository originally and the old vBulletin forum archive isn't active, I went ahead and uploaded them to the current repository. As for the log truck, I vaguely recognize what you're talking about, but I can't seem to remember who made it or what the actual name was. The only GMC General I know of only came in a semi version.

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    Re: Can somebody please help me?

    RoR Version:0.32-6
    - Operating System: Windows
    - Renderer usedossibly sketchup or ROR editor, (never paid attention to what program was used to build it).
    - Link to RoR.log: unavailable.

    To be specific, I am looking for an old vehicle which the original repository/truck and heavy equipment showroom listed as a GMC General.

    I am asking for help on this one because I wish to add it to a personal collection I'm restoring of my favorite vehicles in this game.

    It was a boxy, long-nosed semi truck, with three rear axles and a stake bed on the back, which bore a load of logs.

    The wheels looked to be standard ROR wheels, the same type used on the early models of this game.

    It had a red paintjob with a gray radiator grille, four small headlights and a gray front bumper.

    The axles of the machine were also from the earlier versions of this game, as they didn't look so much like realistic differentials as six pairs of x-shaped rods.

    The same set up was used for the 1974 Dodge Police car that used to come as standard in the N_Helens download.

    At any rate, here is a picture of the real-life counterpart of the vehicle I'm looking for, (Note the truck in the game doesn't have a crane arm, and its a bit shorter in the wheel length)-

    Can somebody please help me?-1988-gmc-5-star-tri-axle-1-jpgCan somebody please help me?-1988-gmc-5-star-tri-axle-front-jpg

    I was originally told to look up a Kenworth W900, but that wasn't it.

    Not to sound desperate, but I searched all four archive batches, and the only thing I could find with the tile GMC- was a Yukon, and a 1974 starter.

    I also tried to search for it using the wayback machine, but to no luck, as some of the pages in the old Trucks/Heavy Equipment showroom were missing, though I can't remember the exact page numbers.

    Of course, even if I had found it, the Wayback machine would've told me that it didn't have a snapshot of the page.

    And whenever I typed in GENERAL in the archives, all I found was the General Lee car, which is nice, but not quite the same.

    That's pretty much every last detail I can dredge up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    What does the Semi version look like?

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