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Thread: No Sound & Game Controller Issues

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    Exclamation No Sound & Game Controller Issues

    Hey guys. I just got the latest version of RoR ( and downloaded the school buses. My problem is that I have no sound at all. No engine sound, no blinker sounds, nothing. It's like I'm legally deaf when I put my headphones on. The game runs OpenAL and I honestly don't know if the version of Windows 10 I'm currently using will support OpenAL or if that's even an issue. I have American Truck Simulator made by SCS Software and I have all the sounds there so it appears to be something directly associated with RoR. If anybody out there knows what may cause a no-sound problem, please let me know. One other issue...I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick with American Truck Simulator. Is there any way possible to get that same controller to work with RoR? Thanks.

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    Re: No Sound & Game Controller Issues

    What You Wanna Do is press "Option" At The Menu And Go To audio, after that slide the bar to where you want it to. If you wanted You can turn off the menu music
    ( I Don't know how to fix your Game Controller Issue)
    Hope This Helps
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