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Thread: BusDriver's mods?

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    BusDriver's mods?

    I have 5 mods from him:

    Mercedes-Benz Conecto

    Scania 113

    Neoplan Starliner

    Volvo 7700

    Neoplan Transliner

    It's all?
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    Re: BusDriver's mods?

    Yeah, I think that is all.

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    Re: BusDriver's mods?

    Here's a pretty good pack of buses too: It's Voulks old Thomas buses. They're also deformable. Here's a picture of one of them:
    BusDriver's mods?-screenshot_2018-06-15_15-35-32_1-png

    Disclaimer: I do not own this vehicle.

    (Edit: This vehicle is now on the new repository.)
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