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Thread: Can't run Setup

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    Can't run Setup

    Hey! I played RoR back in the time of 0.38 and a couple of friends and I wanted to open up a server for our own enjoyment. However, I can't even run the setup to install the game! When I try to run the setup, my Explorer window becomes unresponsive, meaning I have to kill the task and relaunch Explorer to make it work again. Is there any solution to this, even just a zip of the setup files that I can extract into my PC? I'm using Windows 10, if that helps. Thanks for anything you guys can do to help!

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    Re: Can't run Setup

    Are you directly downloading the installer?
    I do not provide game support through private messages.

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    Re: Can't run Setup

    Sorry for the late reply. IIRC the installer was set to read only - I unchecked that box and it worked just fine.

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    Re: Can't run Setup

    here is my recemend
    download it again

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