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Thread: Camera spinning in circles again

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    Exclamation Camera spinning in circles again

    Hello, After exactly 5 mins of gameplay, my camera will begin spinning and the only way to make it stop is to restart the game. I have already deleted the imput that causes the numpads to spin the camera. Can somone help me? Thanks!

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    Re: Camera spinning in circles again

    There are a lot of unknown variables right now, please specify key details:
    -What RoR version are you on?
    -Does this happen on different maps/vehicles?
    -Did you download anything before this problem arose?
    -Have you had this problem beforehand?
    -Post your RoR.log also

    Maybe try bringing the issue up in discord, so you can have more one-to-one communication with what could be causing the rotation.
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    Re: Camera spinning in circles again

    Have you ever pressed the middle mouse button while in-game? Doing that causes the camera to focus on the node nearest to the cursor when the middle mouse button is pressed. So if this is the case you may have accidentally clicked it on one of the wheel nodes and the camera was just focusing on a wheel and spinning while following the wheel

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