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Thread: Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

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    Question Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

    So when get the Box5 Brutus monster truck to crush cars i have it shows no mesh or wheels just the rollcage and the interior and some wheel parts

    Pics:Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error-screenshot_2018-10-09_07-44-46_1-jpgBox5 Monster Truck Mesh Error-screenshot_2018-10-09_07-44-52_1-jpgBox5 Monster Truck Mesh Error-screenshot_2018-10-09_07-44-56_1-jpgBox5 Monster Truck Mesh Error-screenshot_2018-10-09_07-45-00_1-jpg
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    Re: Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

    Did you unzip the file?
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    Re: Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

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    Re: Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

    What version are you using?
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    Re: Box5 Monster Truck Mesh Error

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