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Thread: Component COMDLG32.ODX

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    Unhappy Component COMDLG32.ODX

    I got this error (credit to the admins for the photo, but this is exactly what the error said) Component COMDLG32.ODX-editorizer-error-comdlg32ocx-jpg I tried all of the troubleshooting tips, but it is still not working. I little help please?
    - RoR Version: 0.4 (current)
    - Operating System: Asus laptop
    - Renderer used: Not sure what that means to be honest.
    - Link to RoR.log:???
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    Re: Component COMDLG32.ODX

    You followed what it said in the Documents under said picture you took?

    Editorizer -

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    Re: Component COMDLG32.ODX


    - - - Updated - - -

    Tried every troubleshooting tip available. I even download it on a different computer and got the same error.

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