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Thread: Error 3 during cache regen

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    Error 3 during cache regen

    SOLVED, Works now. using the latest appveyor build fixed this.


    This started happening for no reason after i cleared the cache. Didn't Mod any files, added like 2 mods but that's all.

    I haven't been able to play for like 2 days.

    Other games work.

    I have a feeling this happened before back in the 0.39 era, but i've forgotten the solution, its been so long.

    Tired regenning with OpenGL and same thing happened. Always at the same point aswell.

    Edit: Trying after deleting problem file, and using opengl for the regen.

    This is woefully slow. Started at like 8:45, at the 132nd file out of 371 at 9:21.

    My core 2 had faster regens with considearably more mods on a dying xp laptop.

    My pentium 4 had faster regens.

    This is confusing '~'

    Edit II:

    Been going for a solid hour now. File 166/371.
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    We need more spider-robot things. That was a thing in like 0.2x. Come on /s

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