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Thread: i have a idea yall might could do

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    i have a idea yall might could do

    i thought about this idea when i was watching a beamngdrive video because they did a collabiration with a app and i was wondering if you could do a mobile and pc app collabiration for rigs of rods so we can make cars and export them to rig of rods.

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    Re: i have a idea yall might could do

    Basic bitch, 7 years into the game and still hasn't figured out most of an n/b yet.

    Thinpad T410, i5 560m, 8gb ram. Blazing speed.

    They/She. I can't think of an enby N/B pun, thank christ.

    Submesh agora skins don't show off the game, neither do the countless schoolbus roleplays.

    We need more spider-robot things. That was a thing in like 0.2x. Come on /s

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    Re: i have a idea yall might could do

    There are actually three apps that will allow you to make whatever you want in RoR:


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    Re: i have a idea yall might could do

    This isn't BeamNG. This will never be BeamNG. If you want to make cars, you have to learn. There is no way around that.

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