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Thread: help needed pls ok thank

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    help needed pls ok thank

    So I recently downloaded RoR, and I love it! Only there's one thing, there is a server that I joined once, and quit because I got bored. I launch the game a day later, only to find that I joined it again, and it keeps happening even after using the uninstall .exe program. Does anyone have a fix? (The server is the one that says "modded" in it, but I forgot the server name)
    (EDIT: It's the Nhelens - modded server)

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    Re: help needed pls ok thank

    Disable network mode in rorconfig?

    I will not reply to PM's asking for game support! Please use the correct support forum instead.

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    Re: help needed pls ok thank

    Yeah that's all you have to do in order to stop that from happening

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    Re: help needed pls ok thank

    ok thank

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