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Thread: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

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    Cool What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    What do you like about the Game and why?

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    The thing that always drew me to RoR was the sandbox aspect, and the fact that I had the ability to create projects that I wanted to see in-game.

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    RoR has come a long way in it's time and has grew a lot over time.

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    The thing that drew me to RoR was a Google search for the "most realistic vehicle physics/damage simulator" and google nailed it on the head with the Old Old Old RoR forums.

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    Crash physics and modding capabilities :P
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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    The fact that it's flexible.

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    Sandbox, build what you want, mod everything to your liking, do whatever whenever wherever whyever you want. The slew of content helps as well, though most people rarely use mods other sk00l buSsez and Gabester's vehicles.
    What's your favorite thing about RoR.-screenshot_77-pngWhat's your favorite thing about RoR.-screenshot_196-pngWhat's your favorite thing about RoR.-screenshot_293-png
    The N/B I made, the other two have been modded extensively by me, and I love that I can do it without even needing special programs and code languages.
    Oh and, lemme just throw this one in here because it's what makes RoR cool. You can do stuff other games won't let you.
    What's your favorite thing about RoR.-screenshot_439-png
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    You're given a fantastic sandbox game where you can do anything you can imagine and what do you do?
    You drive a school bus. You must be so much fun at parties.
    Just some depressed kid playing a game that's past its prime.

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    For one, the website seems to vanish about once a year, but against all odds, RoR just won't die.

    No, the real reason is more sappy:
    As with any sandbox game, once I'd reached the extents of my imagination, it got old. The community kept me engaged from then on.
    All that anti-social time spent on the computer learning about the software, how to mod, how vehicles work, how to build a PC, how to setup and run a server, and much more pulled me away from more degenerate time-wasting activities and toward focusing on my own interests.

    Almost 8 years later, I hold a B.S. in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, a Technician Class amateur radio license, I'm about to sit for the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician exam, and I absolutely love working on and driving real vehicles. And I don't care what anyone thinks about my interests.

    tl;dr I can't imagine ever cultivating my childhood interests into adult successes without Rigs of Rods. That's what I love about it.
    (And not to mention I still talk to my "online friends" from this game on a regular basis).

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Cheers!

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    Re: What's your favorite thing about RoR.

    Quote Originally Posted by graysonk95 View Post
    No, the real reason is more sappy:
    Very well said. Although now a dying flame compared to the inferno it once was, RoR catered to everyone's individual interests. The original forum was full of entertainment from ricer vs. muscle, "working" for fake companies, the buy/sell car threads, etc. Off-topic section was the brutal Valhalla for trash posting comparable to /b/. There was a section for everyone to enjoy, and no matter your personality, you'd make a few friends along the way.

    Rigs of Rods is the schizophrenic girlfriend whom you understand the negatives, but believe things will be different this time. I fully understand why the car enthusiast community has moved on to other ventures. There are better alternatives. I believe the largest issue with RoR is that it tried to be too many things at once. It was satisfactory driving game, a disappointing boating game, and an anxiety-inducing physics engine. It couldn't decide what it was. BeamNG has fallen victim to the same formula. The most successful games find one specific category and excel. Most would rather open up Assetto Corsa for racing, then hop out and play Spin Tires for a trail ride.

    Now here us few remain to reminisce about the glory of what RoR once was. I haven't opened the game for over a year. Although now we're at different points in our lives where you're more worried about college, work, family, etc rather than video games being a top teenage priority. Back in 2012 I decided to model a Willys Jeep for another user who couldn't model to save his life. For some reason I fell in love with the design, and the capabilities. The massive multiplayer Deuce trail rides urged my desire to own such a beast. Because of this game I have owned 40 Willys Jeeps and a Deuce with a 50 cal on top. I regularly use my developed modeling skills to design modified vehicles before building them in the shop.

    The forum has been killed and revived far too many times; the community will simply never thrive again. And that's alright. This game has served its purpose, and the next generation of gamers will find their own forums. I only wish that through multiple platforms, their interests can be shaped as diverse as Rigs of Rods provided.

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