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Thread: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Gotta give that honor to Box5 and his Samurai crawler videos. Somehow appeared on my recommended a couple of years ago and I loved how the suspension behaved, how the car looked and how freely he was able to go through the map with no course to follow or limitations. First time I've seen something like it. EDIT: Might as well post the video

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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    in 1st grade i found this video: and i was like: omg i want that game so i downloaded it
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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Hi all,i discover RoR in 2007 from youtube video with tatra813,when searching for 1nsane similar games (i cannot find video,but the video not exist),and i slowly transform my preferences from racing games to transporting games
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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    I found this game in 2016 i was just looking a game where i could crush a lot of cars.

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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    I searched for an alternative to Beam.NG Drive on I'm glad I didn't buy Beam.NG before I found RoR. It's way better.

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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Quote Originally Posted by ekcivicboi11 View Post
    Title says it. You can share your story of how you discovered/found out about Rigs of Rods.
    Therefore I'll share mine.
    In around 2010 or maybe early in 2011 when I was in 3rd grade, I found this video in YouTube:
    After that, I searched more Rigs of Rods videos in Youtube and loved watching the other videos. During the summer before 4th grade, I finally downloaded Rigs of Rods even if my computer back then isn't good and will lag so much when playing video games.
    Same here.It was that exact videoformetoo.Now I'm 13 but I still like this game.

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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    It all started when I was bored in 7th grade, and being obsessed with mobile car simulators, I began searching for an online one. That's when I found the original dev video. At once I started searching for it, and came across more videos, this time by YBR and Crash Hard, and that was simultaneously the discovery of YouTube and BeamNG. Two years later, after easily clocking 2,000 Beam videos, I came across an old CarTrend article on the best free car simulators. (this was the same one I saw two years ago, but I never thought much of it.) I decided to download it and (after 5 hours of trying to understand the controls and finally reading the docs) absolutely loved it. I spent two months simply playing with the 0.4 content pack, and then decided to download everything in sight, and corrupted the files in the process.
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    Re: How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Well I was looking for a soft body physics game and I found BeamNG.Drive but you have to pay for it, and I restarted to search for another game and I found RoR. I was impressed of the damages and realism of this game. Then when I launched the game, crashed some cars and planes, I saw that there is a multiplayer mod, here was my first love of this game. Now I check repository everyday to see if there is some new mods or vehicles out.
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