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    Once you have your own car, it completely changes your point of view on cars. Or at least for me it did
    So this is my first car, 1999 Mazda 626 GF, european model. Nothing amazing for most people, it is base model with 1.8L petrol engine ("only" 66 kW) and 5-speed manual. It is one of the cheapest mid-size sedans you can buy on czech market, because it is little underrated (and it is not Skoda). I bought it from second owner, first one was old man and he had it for 16 years, so it is in good shape and without any tuning (it still has old Blaupunkt radio and old czech number plates, which I like).
    So 15 000 km together and still runs good. It has just everything you need for beginning.
    Picture of Your Ride V4.0-img_1870-jpgPicture of Your Ride V4.0-img_2024-jpgPicture of Your Ride V4.0-img_2131-jpgPicture of Your Ride V4.0-img_20180619_173026-jpgPicture of Your Ride V4.0-img_20180619_173038-jpg
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