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Thread: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Still living with Diana here, ya might remember her from my old account. She is doing just fine.

    Picture of Your Ride V4.0-bae-jpg
    Morn' chaps, it's ThatGuyWithTheJag here!!

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    I pull a four axle now. Out of my Dad's glider, and back in my own '03.
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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    So you own the PB? I am fairly confused due to the history with your dad and his company.

    No car

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    I own the 379.

    I started in 2011 with the Green 2005 379. My dad had the grey 2003 379. pretty well identical trucks.

    In 2014 I sold it and went to FedEd. In 2015 I bought his 2003 379 and he built the glider.

    In 2017 I leased a w900 with Scotlynn. I left after a few months cause they were fucked. I came back and drove the glider for about 8 months while my dad drove the 379. In December we switched back to our own trucks.

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Happy to have had my ride since V1.0 of this thread.

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Well there goes the story:

    A week ago, after I've checked the oil, I've discovered my car has an oil pan leak. It's not a big deal, the job is pretty straight forward (drop the pan, reseal and the job is done), however, I didn't have the sealant compound in my hand, so I've decided to leave the job for the next weekend (this past one). I've decided to top off the oil until I've got the job done, since I have to use my car every day to commute in my work and my school (easly 150 km per week day).

    Tuesday, after I've finished my work, I've took the highway and after ~40 km, the oil pressure lamp came on. Fortunadely, an exit was just around the curb, so I took it until I can find a parking spot nearby. After that, I've shut the engine off, check the oil, it was half full. Even after I've topped off the oil, the pressure was still low. Called a local towing company to tow my trusty car. I didn't sleep well this night.

    My guess: the oil pump and the oil pump chain is completely shot (the turbocharger also suffered). Maybe I will repair it and turn it into a racecar or something.

    This is the best car I've owned, and I was so pleased with this car that I've decided to buy an another one. Pictures coming soon.

    2003 ?koda Fabia vRS TDI
    1.9 TDI 130 hp
    6 speed manual
    A full tank of diesel (45 liters) is good for ~950 km of autonomy.
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    Translating Rigs of Rods in french language.

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Money Pit #1 and #2
    Picture of Your Ride V4.0-screenshot_2017-12-03-17-05-43-01-jpegPicture of Your Ride V4.0-20180126_133142_hdr-jpg
    "4 doors for the safe and legal carriage of additional women of questionable morals"

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    #1 is a 95 s10 4.3 auto 2wd
    #2 is a 78 gmc c25 sierra classic 454 2wd with 4.11 gears
    #3 is a 91 jeep yj 2.5 inch lift 31s 4.88s with tru traks soon to be on tons has a 2.5 4cyl and 5spd manual
    #4 is a 93 grand cherokee 4.5 inch lift 31s 4.0 auto
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    Picture of Your Ride V4.0-20171228_113642-jpg  

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Picture of Your Ride V4.0-xynmvuf-jpg

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    Re: Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Finished up the rattle can paint work today. It's shitty, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was.
    Been here, done that. If you don't already know who I am, there's probably no point in learning.

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