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    What is your dream car?

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    What is the difference between BeamNG and Rigs of Rods?

    its not the same game and this has been said many times before so just stop
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    Random Screens

    Who said rorbot can't stand on fire?
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    i think its time to change my banner

    i think its time to change my banner
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    good tutorials to brush up on my blender skills

    Search up on YouTube, i bet you will find thousands.
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    Sim monsters invite link

    This forum isnt for Sim-Monsters. Please use their forums.
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    How do I turn off vehicle deformation?

    Wrong, if you look in the truckfile of the vehicle file you might see this line (depends on some vehicles to be honest), you would have to change the enable to disable. After your done, save it and enjoy your non deformable vehicle.
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    Bots roaming the forum

    ah yes
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    how dare you

    how dare you
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    2004 Dodge Ram 3500SRW WIP

    nice bump sir
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    Modding Guide for Mitchieboy's Mercedes-Benz CLK

    maybe dont be such a braindead and actually try focusing on it better
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    Random Screens

    crappy thing i made in a couple minutes
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    Piper J3 Super Cub

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    Random Screens

    thank you to zephyr for the rims