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    Reconnecting with old members

    I am also a new member!!! I want to contribute at least 1 hour per day with this community!! What can I do: C++ dev and cranes!!
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    Control 2 vehicles at the same time by one player

    I would like to do a tandem lift using 2 cranes at the same time lifting the same load. How can I control both cranes at same time without need to switch between them (CTRL+RBRACKET / CTRL+LBRACKET ), as movement shall be synchronous? I know I can do it using multiplayer, but in this case, ropes...
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    Control crane using script

    Using a script file (angelscript ".as") I am able to insert a crane in a certain position using "race", drive it using setValueAtWaypoint function and it works ok. Now I want to control the crane using script, to slew, move boom and hook up/down, pick up the load etc. but I can´t find in...