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Hi everyone.

On January 11th, the RoR web server was taken offline. We thought it was just downtime (as it has happened before) so we didn't think too much about it and thought everything would return to normal in a day or two.
The next day we learned that a worst-case scenario happened: Our account was terminated and the server was wiped due to being overdue on payments.

Quote from @only_a_ptr on this GitHub issue ticket:
The hosting company responded with "You didn't pay, you received warnings, you still didn't pay, your server was deleted, you can buy a new one". Actually, I've been paying regularly the whole year, but the past week was somewhat stressful so I forgot to top up my account and skipped reading emails. 11 days of overdue payment were enough to get the server shut down :-/

At the moment, @Michael10055, Zentro and TheWolf are already setting up a new server with a different hosting company. This time, TheWolf purchased the hosting.
We had backups, but they were housed on the server. The latest database backup we have of the forum is dated 3/13/2017 and the other files/attachments dated 1/27/2017. None of us were prepared for something like this to happen.

Moving forward, We have decided to switch hosting providers to hopefully prevent another event like this from happening ever again.

As you most likely noticed, we have switched back to vBulletin. Anyone who was around on the original website recognizes it. Many thanks to @Austin who bought a server and allowed us to use one of his vBulletin licenses and @Zentro for helping us set up the server + design the new website pages.

Everything is still a work in progress, things will change in the near future.

The archives (repo, wiki, original vB forum archive)

Don't worry! We still have the repo/original vB forum/wiki archives. They will just take longer to get operational, mainly because of the old forum's massive size (over 100GB).
Documentation is still available at docs.rigsofrods.org.

The MyBB forum archive can be found here: http://archives.rigsofrods.net/old-forum-mybb.
You can still login into your account if you had one, however registration has been disabled and all boards have been locked.
Since the attachment backup is older than the database, posts after 1/27/2017 do not contain attachments.
Update: Repo/Wiki archive is now online at http://archives.rigsofrods.net/. VB forum archive upload is still in progress.


We finally have a new Repository! Usage and rules will be posted soon. Mod authors can begin uploading, just let a staff member know to get your file approved ASAP.
A collection of terrains has been uploaded to the terrains category, Images and more terrains will be added later. Please let us know if you're the author of a terrain and want the file ownership transferred to your account!

Multiplayer API

The Multiplayer API is not currently functional as the official servers are not online yet. Once ready, it will become available on the Multiplayer page. Connecting to a server will be the same as before (via the in-game menu).
Update 1/17/2018: API now functional, official servers are now online.


Currently the homepage is just a temporary Reconstruction page, @Zentro is currently redesigning the home/multiplayer/download pages. They should be online very soon.
Update: The new homepage is now online.

Thanks for staying with us, We hope you understand and we are very sorry about everything that's happened.
I will be updating this page as things progress.

- Michael

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