New official multiplayer servers

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Hi everyone.

I have just finished getting all of the official multiplayer servers back online.

Server address is the same (rigsofrods.org), port numbers have changed however: (RoRNet 2.38) [These servers can be connected to using the in-game Multiplayer menu]
  • Any 1: rigsofrods.org:12000
  • Any 2: rigsofrods.org:12001
  • Nhelens Modded: rigsofrods.org:12005
  • RoRNet 2.40 Development Any Server: rigsofrods.org:12007 (RoRNet 2.37)
  • Any 1: rigsofrods.org:12002
  • Any 2: rigsofrods.org:12003

More servers may be added in the future. If there's any issues, please send me a PM or message me on RoR's Discord server.


- Michael

Updated 04-02-2018 at 03:45 PM by Michael10055 (Added 2.40 server)

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