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2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT : Updated version of Stoat Muldoon's 2014 F-250. Credits: - Stoat Muldoon - Original truck - Adolfo ... 01-13-2018 1,630
Cascades V2 : Cascades by Nipash and other various authors. Update 2/25/18: Added missing trees/checkpoints/hou ... 01-13-2018 235
Squishy Stadium : This file is required for the crush loads to appear!: ... 01-13-2018 150
Miami : Old and unfinished terrain by Nadeox1. Converted to 0.4 & added PSSM support. 2 Weeks Ago 353
N-City : Old and unfinished terrain by Nadeox1. I converted this to 0.4 in 2016, don't feel like spending ti ... 2 Weeks Ago 222
Chevrolet G30 Camper : Updated/Reworked version of the G30 Camper originally made for the G20 mod competition, featuring ne ... 01-17-2018 1,146
Small Island : Port of Small Island to 0.4 with new textures. Credits: klink - Original conversion Scania970 - ... 01-18-2018 618
Bajarama V2.2 : Started out as a test to learn 0.4's alpha splatting, I liked the result so I improved upon it. Incl ... 01-18-2018 204
[Windows] Input Mapping Tool 0.2 : Tool for creating an input map, based on 0.37.126's RoRConfig. I've added most of the keybindings f ... 01-19-2018 479
Piper J3 Super Cub with Banner : Piper J3 Super Cub with a banner, made years ago. Credits: Davided/Derbymutt - Original plane M ... 01-21-2018 337
Reflection Room : Reflection Room by Nadeox1, made for screenshots. Converted to 0.4, made the room larger, and added ... 01-21-2018 87
"Auriga327" Paint Shader : This is a paint shader Miura made years ago, I found a working version a while back and wanted to sh ... 01-27-2018 68
"Test1" Terrain : "test1" terrain by ashes48, converted to 0.4 with full PSSM (shadows) support. Credits: ashes48 + ... 02-06-2018 304
Badlands Rally : Convert of Badlands Rally to the latest RoR version ( featuring full PSSM (shadows) support. ... 01-27-2018 361
Chevrolet G20 : Chevrolet G20/30 pack by Creak/Silvermanblue/various others. I've converted the skin sections to a ... 01-30-2018 1,210
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New official multiplayer servers

by Michael10055 on 01-19-2018 at 08:36 PM
Hi everyone.

I have just finished getting all of the official multiplayer servers back online.

Server address is the same (, port numbers have changed however: (RoRNet 2.38) [These servers can be connected to using the in-game Multiplayer menu]
  • Any 1:
  • Any 2:
  • Nhelens Modded:
  • RoRNet 2.40 Development Any Server:

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Updated 04-02-2018 at 03:45 PM by Michael10055 (Added 2.40 server)


New website + Changes

by Michael10055 on 01-14-2018 at 06:58 AM
Hi everyone.

On January 11th, the RoR web server was taken offline. We thought it was just downtime (as it has happened before) so we didn't think too much about it and thought everything would return to normal in a day or two.
The next day we learned that a worst-case scenario happened: Our account was terminated and the server was wiped due to being overdue on payments.

Quote from @only_a_ptr on this GitHub issue ticket:
The hosting company responded

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Updated 02-27-2018 at 01:04 AM by Michael10055