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  Syx Labs Custom Off Road Parts
Posted by: Station_Syx - Yesterday, 05:24 AM - Forum: Addon parts - Replies (5)

Hey, all! Since my stubborn self refuses to let RoR die, here's a handful of parts for the Gavril Omega, as well as two new wheels in different sizes. More releases planned, if anyone is interested. Installation instructions and descriptions in the readme files for each seperate pack.

Gavril Omega Baja Package

One Bullbar
One set of black fender flares 
A baja-style topper
Offroad wheels and tires with a custom offset for those who don't know how or, simply don't want to edit the N/B




Offroad wheel and tire pack



A flashy offroad wheel with an aggressive mud terrain. Ignore the messed up textures, they've been fixed  (as seen in the Omega screens)

15x8 - Should fit most large trucks without too much modification. 
15x10 - Much larger version of the same tire. Wider and taller, meaning you will probably have to at least lift it.
15x8 Tireless - the same wheel, without a mesh tire if you want something lower profile (tire pack coming soon) or want to use wheelbands.



 A massive tire on a 15x11 SL13 wheel. The wheel itself is your basic beadlock steelie. Only for use on large trucks or buggies.

Still in progress: 

Rocket Bunny-inspired kits for the Gavril G and MV series (Almost done, just needs cleaning up)

More offroad wheels (Hopefully up tonight or tomorrow)

Deep dish, high offset JDM wheel pack (Still a lot to be done) 

I'm not a great modeller, but I will consider requests if anyone has them. 

Wheel pack:

.zip   SLOffroadWheels.zip (Size: 5.1 MB / Downloads: 1)

Omega Baja Stuff:

.zip   OmegaSyxLabs.zip (Size: 2.2 MB / Downloads: 2)

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  NO files
Posted by: colek1237 - 09-21-2017, 03:47 AM - Forum: Game Support - No Replies

I installed it it hade none of the files in Rigs of Rods 0.4 I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it that did no work

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  Kenworth T909
Posted by: Shrapnel 118 - 09-20-2017, 07:55 PM - Forum: Trucks/Heavy Equipment - No Replies

Kenworth T909


(Only works with 0.4 and up)

Kenworth T909 Daycab
Kenworth T909 Sleeper
Kenworth T909 Sleeper with Top Hat
Kenworth T909 Sleeper with Top Hat without Bullbar

PSD files included in zip.


Also going to put these cattle trailers I made here too since I don't want to make another thread just for them.

Attached Files
.zip   98095UID-Kenworth_T909.zip (Size: 12.43 MB / Downloads: 49)
.zip   Cattle-Trailer.zip (Size: 8.72 MB / Downloads: 39)
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  Maserati Altuda
Posted by: MilesKim25 - 09-20-2017, 01:49 AM - Forum: General Off-Topic - Replies (1)

I have an art project going on right now and I want to hear what you guys think. In the desert of west Texas, I am going to buy a plot of land next to a highway. On that land I will build an extremely small and non-functional Maserati dealership that will have 2 Maserati's inside. The public won't be able to enter the dealership, but there will be desks inside and everything. Just like Prada Marfa, and Target Marathon, I think this art piece will gain a lot of publicity and will be pretty cool to check out. I have a planned budget of 40k at the most, and the Maserati's will be bought from salvage yards and cleaned up. Probably I will launch a crowdfunding campaign to determine if there is any interest in the project or not.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Logitech G27 Input
Posted by: DreamItDoIt - 09-17-2017, 04:32 PM - Forum: General Chat About Rigs of Rods - Replies (2)

Some people (Like me) have problems with their Logitech G27 input maps on their petals. My petals do not work in RoR all they do is go half throttle and half brake and does not want to stop doing that. So I have decided to go out of my way and map the G27's flappy paddle gear shifters to throttle and brake. (Also the G27 comes with the shifter. The shifter does work. Press the fourth red button to switch modes on this) Here is the input map if you have the same problems that I do with RoR. 

AIRPLANE_BRAKE                 Keyboard             B
AIRPLANE_ELEVATOR_DOWN         Keyboard             DOWN
AIRPLANE_ELEVATOR_UP           Keyboard             UP
AIRPLANE_FLAPS_FULL            Keyboard             CTRL+2
AIRPLANE_FLAPS_LESS            Keyboard             EXPL+1
AIRPLANE_FLAPS_MORE            Keyboard             EXPL+2
AIRPLANE_FLAPS_NONE            Keyboard             CTRL+1
AIRPLANE_PARKING_BRAKE         Keyboard             P
AIRPLANE_REVERSE               Keyboard             R
AIRPLANE_RUDDER_LEFT           Keyboard             Z
AIRPLANE_RUDDER_RIGHT          Keyboard             X
AIRPLANE_STEER_LEFT            Keyboard             LEFT
AIRPLANE_STEER_RIGHT           Keyboard             RIGHT
AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_DOWN         Keyboard             EXPL+PGDOWN
AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_FULL         Keyboard             CTRL+PGUP
AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_NO           Keyboard             CTRL+PGDOWN
AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_UP           Keyboard             EXPL+PGUP
AIRPLANE_TOGGLE_ENGINES        Keyboard             CTRL+HOME
BOAT_CENTER_RUDDER             Keyboard             DOWN
BOAT_REVERSE                   Keyboard             UP
BOAT_STEER_LEFT                Keyboard             LEFT
BOAT_STEER_LEFT_AXIS           JoystickAxis         0 0 LOWER
BOAT_STEER_RIGHT               Keyboard             RIGHT
BOAT_STEER_RIGHT_AXIS          JoystickAxis         0 0 UPPER
BOAT_THROTTLE_AXIS             JoystickAxis         0 2
BOAT_THROTTLE_DOWN             JoystickButton       0 21
BOAT_THROTTLE_UP               JoystickButton       0 6
CAELUM_DECREASE_TIME           Keyboard             EXPL+SUBTRACT
CAELUM_INCREASE_TIME           Keyboard             EXPL+ADD
CAMERA_CHANGE                  Keyboard             EXPL+C
CAMERA_LOOKBACK                Keyboard             NUMPAD1
CAMERA_RESET                   Keyboard             NUMPAD5
CAMERA_ROTATE_DOWN             Keyboard             NUMPAD2
CAMERA_ROTATE_LEFT             Keyboard             NUMPAD4
CAMERA_ROTATE_RIGHT            Keyboard             NUMPAD6
CAMERA_ROTATE_UP               Keyboard             NUMPAD8
CAMERA_ZOOM_IN                 Keyboard             EXPL+NUMPAD9
CAMERA_ZOOM_IN_FAST            Keyboard             SHIFT+NUMPAD9
CAMERA_ZOOM_OUT                Keyboard             EXPL+NUMPAD3
CAMERA_ZOOM_OUT_FAST           Keyboard             SHIFT+NUMPAD3
CHARACTER_BACKWARDS            JoystickPov          0 0 South
CHARACTER_FORWARD              JoystickPov          0 0 North
CHARACTER_JUMP                 JoystickButton       0 17
CHARACTER_LEFT                 JoystickPov          0 0 West
CHARACTER_RIGHT                JoystickPov          0 0 East
CHARACTER_RUN                  JoystickButton       0 16
CHARACTER_SIDESTEP_LEFT        Keyboard             A
CHARACTER_SIDESTEP_RIGHT       Keyboard             D
COMMANDS_01                    Keyboard             EXPL+F1
COMMANDS_02                    Keyboard             EXPL+F2
COMMANDS_03                    Keyboard             EXPL+F3
COMMANDS_04                    Keyboard             EXPL+F4
COMMANDS_05                    Keyboard             EXPL+F5
COMMANDS_06                    Keyboard             EXPL+F6
COMMANDS_07                    Keyboard             EXPL+F7
COMMANDS_08                    Keyboard             EXPL+F8
COMMANDS_09                    Keyboard             EXPL+F9
COMMANDS_10                    Keyboard             EXPL+F10
COMMANDS_11                    Keyboard             EXPL+F11
COMMANDS_12                    Keyboard             EXPL+F12
COMMANDS_13                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F1
COMMANDS_14                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F2
COMMANDS_15                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F3
COMMANDS_16                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F4
COMMANDS_17                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F5
COMMANDS_18                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F6
COMMANDS_19                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F7
COMMANDS_20                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F8
COMMANDS_21                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F9
COMMANDS_22                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F10
COMMANDS_23                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F11
COMMANDS_24                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F12
COMMANDS_25                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F1
COMMANDS_26                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F2
COMMANDS_27                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F3
COMMANDS_28                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F4
COMMANDS_29                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F5
COMMANDS_30                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F6
COMMANDS_31                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F7
COMMANDS_32                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F8
COMMANDS_33                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F9
COMMANDS_34                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F10
COMMANDS_35                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F11
COMMANDS_36                    Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+F12
COMMANDS_37                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F1
COMMANDS_38                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F2
COMMANDS_39                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F3
COMMANDS_40                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F4
COMMANDS_41                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F5
COMMANDS_42                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F6
COMMANDS_43                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F7
COMMANDS_44                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F8
COMMANDS_45                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F9
COMMANDS_46                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F10
COMMANDS_47                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F11
COMMANDS_48                    Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+ALT+F12
COMMON_CONSOLEDISPLAY          Keyboard             EXPL+GRAVE
COMMON_CONSOLEMODE             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+GRAVE
COMMON_ENTER_CHATMODE          Keyboard             Y
COMMON_SEND_CHAT               Keyboard             RETURN
COMMON_ENTER_OR_EXIT_TRUCK     JoystickButton       0 15
COMMON_HIDE_GUI                Keyboard             EXPL+U
COMMON_LOCK                    JoystickButton       0 1
COMMON_ROPELOCK                Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+L
COMMON_MAP_ALPHA               Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+TAB
COMMON_OUTPUT_POSITION         Keyboard             H
COMMON_PRESSURE_LESS           Keyboard             LBRACKET
COMMON_PRESSURE_MORE           Keyboard             RBRACKET
COMMON_QUIT_GAME               Keyboard             EXPL+ESCAPE
COMMON_SHOW_MENU               Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+M
COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK            Keyboard             BACK
COMMON_RESCUE_TRUCK            Keyboard             EXPL+R
COMMON_RESET_TRUCK             Keyboard             I
COMMON_SCREENSHOT              Keyboard             EXPL+SYSRQ
COMMON_SCREENSHOT_BIG          Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+SYSRQ
COMMON_SAVE_TERRAIN            Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+SHIF+CTRL+M
COMMON_SECURE_LOAD             Keyboard             O
COMMON_SHOW_SKELETON           Keyboard             K
COMMON_TOGGLE_MAT_DEBUG        Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+F
COMMON_TOGGLE_RENDER_MODE      Keyboard             E
COMMON_TOGGLE_REPLAY_MODE      Keyboard             J
COMMON_TOGGLE_STATS            Keyboard             EXPL+F
COMMON_TOGGLE_TRUCK_BEACONS    Keyboard             M
COMMON_TOGGLE_TRUCK_LIGHTS     JoystickButton       0 18
COMMON_TRUCK_INFO              Keyboard             EXPL+T
COMMON_VIEW_MAP                Keyboard             EXPL+TAB
COMMON_FOV_LESS                Keyboard             EXPL+NUMPAD7
COMMON_FOV_MORE                Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+NUMPAD7
MAP_IN                         Keyboard             EXPL+DIVIDE
MAP_OUT                        Keyboard             EXPL+MULTIPLY
MENU_DOWN                      Keyboard             DOWN
MENU_LEFT                      Keyboard             LEFT
MENU_RIGHT                     Keyboard             RIGHT
MENU_SELECT                    Keyboard             EXPL+RETURN
MENU_UP                        Keyboard             UP
TERRAINEDITOR_BUILT            Keyboard             SPACE
TERRAINEDITOR_SELECTROAD       Keyboard             B
TRUCK_ACCELERATE               JoystickButton       0 5
TRUCK_AUTOSHIFT_DOWN           Keyboard             PGDOWN
TRUCK_AUTOSHIFT_UP             Keyboard             PGUP
TRUCK_BLINK_LEFT               JoystickButton       0 7
TRUCK_BLINK_RIGHT              JoystickButton       0 6
TRUCK_BLINK_WARN               Keyboard             MINUS
TRUCK_BRAKE                    JoystickButton       0 4
TRUCK_HORN                     JoystickButton       0 20
TRUCK_HORN                     JoystickButton       0 19
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE1             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+1
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE2             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+2
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE3             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+3
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE4             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+4
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE5             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+5
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE6             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+6
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE7             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+7
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE8             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+8
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE9             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+9
TRUCK_LIGHTTOGGLE10            Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+0
TRUCK_MANUAL_CLUTCH            JoystickSliderY      0 Y 0 REVERSE+DEADZONE=-30
TRUCK_PARKING_BRAKE            JoystickButton       0 0
TRUCK_SHIFT_DOWN               JoystickAxis         0 2 REVERSE+DEADZONE=0.05
TRUCK_SHIFT_NEUTRAL            JoystickPov          0 0 West
TRUCK_SHIFT_UP                 JoystickAxis         0 1 REVERSE+DEADZONE=0.05
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR_REVERSE       JoystickButton       0 14
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR1              JoystickButton       0 8
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR2              JoystickButton       0 9
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR3              JoystickButton       0 10
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR4              JoystickButton       0 11
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR5              JoystickButton       0 12
TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR6              JoystickButton       0 13
TRUCK_SHIFT_LOWRANGE           JoystickPov          0 0 South
TRUCK_SHIFT_MIDRANGE           JoystickPov          0 0 East
TRUCK_SHIFT_HIGHRANGE          JoystickPov          0 0 North
TRUCK_STARTER                  JoystickButton       0 21
TRUCK_STEER_LEFT               JoystickAxis         0 0 LOWER+DEADZONE=0.00+LINEARITY=0.70
TRUCK_STEER_RIGHT              JoystickAxis         0 0 UPPER+DEADZONE=0.00+LINEARITY=0.70
TRUCK_SWITCH_SHIFT_MODES       JoystickButton       0 3
TRUCK_TOGGLE_CONTACT           JoystickButton       0 22
TRUCK_TOGGLE_AXLE_LOCK         JoystickButton       0 2
COMMON_SHOWTRUCKTOOL           Keyboard             EXPL+SHIFT+T
CAMERA_FREE_MODE_FIX           Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+C
CAMERA_FREE_MODE               Keyboard             EXPL+SHIFT+C
TRUCK_LEFT_MIRROR_LEFT         Keyboard             EXPL+SEMICOLON
TRUCK_RIGHT_MIRROR_LEFT        Keyboard             EXPL+COLON
COMMON_REPLAY_FORWARD          Keyboard             EXPL+RIGHT
COMMON_REPLAY_BACKWARD         Keyboard             EXPL+LEFT
AIRPLANE_AIRBRAKES_NONE        Keyboard             CTRL+3
AIRPLANE_AIRBRAKES_FULL        Keyboard             CTRL+4
AIRPLANE_AIRBRAKES_LESS        Keyboard             EXPL+3
AIRPLANE_AIRBRAKES_MORE        Keyboard             EXPL+4
COMMON_TRUCK_REMOVE            Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE
COMMON_NETCHATDISPLAY          Keyboard             EXPL+SHIFT+U
COMMON_NETCHATMODE             Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+U
CHARACTER_ROT_UP               Keyboard             UP
CHARACTER_ROT_DOWN             Keyboard             DOWN
CHARACTER_UP                   Keyboard             PGUP
CHARACTER_DOWN                 Keyboard             PGDOWN
TRUCK_SAVE_POS1                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+1
TRUCK_SAVE_POS2                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+2
TRUCK_SAVE_POS3                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+3
TRUCK_SAVE_POS4                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+4
TRUCK_SAVE_POS5                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+5
TRUCK_SAVE_POS6                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+6
TRUCK_SAVE_POS7                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+7
TRUCK_SAVE_POS8                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+8
TRUCK_SAVE_POS9                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+9
TRUCK_SAVE_POS10               Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+CTRL+0
TRUCK_LOAD_POS1                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+1
TRUCK_LOAD_POS2                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+2
TRUCK_LOAD_POS3                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+3
TRUCK_LOAD_POS4                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+4
TRUCK_LOAD_POS5                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+5
TRUCK_LOAD_POS6                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+6
TRUCK_LOAD_POS7                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+7
TRUCK_LOAD_POS8                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+8
TRUCK_LOAD_POS9                Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+9
TRUCK_LOAD_POS10               Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+0
DOF_TOGGLE                     Keyboard             EXPL+CTRL+D
DOF_DEBUG                      Keyboard             EXPL+ALT+D
DOF_DEBUG_ZOOM_IN              Keyboard             EXPL+Q
DOF_DEBUG_ZOOM_OUT             Keyboard             EXPL+Z
DOF_DEBUG_APERTURE_MORE        Keyboard             EXPL+1
DOF_DEBUG_APERTURE_LESS        Keyboard             EXPL+2
DOF_DEBUG_FOCUS_IN             Keyboard             EXPL+3
DOF_DEBUG_FOCUS_OUT            Keyboard             EXPL+4
TRUCKEDIT_RELOAD               Keyboard             EXPL+SHIFT+CTRL+R

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  Error installing RoR in Ubuntu-MATE
Posted by: bigZag - 09-16-2017, 04:01 PM - Forum: Game Support - No Replies

I am building RoR from source in Ubuntu-MATE 17.04 64 bit, using this github guide as a guideline.

I have downloaded the source from the master branch in Github into a into a folder named rigs-of-rods inside my Documents. I installed all the dependencies. When I run cmake . I get: 

Quote:-- Looking for OGRE...
-- Found Ogre Ghadamon (1.9.0)
-- Found OGRE: /usr/local/lib/libOgreMain.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Paging...
-- Found OGRE_Paging: /usr/local/lib/libOgrePaging.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Terrain...
-- Found OGRE_Terrain: /usr/local/lib/libOgreTerrain.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Property...
-- Found OGRE_Property: /usr/local/lib/libOgreProperty.so
-- Looking for OGRE_RTShaderSystem...
-- Found OGRE_RTShaderSystem: /usr/local/lib/libOgreRTShaderSystem.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Volume...
-- Found OGRE_Volume: /usr/local/lib/libOgreVolume.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Overlay...
-- Found OGRE_Overlay: /usr/local/lib/libOgreOverlay.so
-- Looking for OIS...
-- Found OIS: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libOIS.so
-- Looking for OGRE...
-- Found Ogre Ghadamon (1.9.0)
-- Found OGRE: /usr/local/lib/libOgreMain.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Paging...
-- Found OGRE_Paging: /usr/local/lib/libOgrePaging.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Terrain...
-- Found OGRE_Terrain: /usr/local/lib/libOgreTerrain.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Property...
-- Found OGRE_Property: /usr/local/lib/libOgreProperty.so
-- Looking for OGRE_RTShaderSystem...
-- Found OGRE_RTShaderSystem: /usr/local/lib/libOgreRTShaderSystem.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Volume...
-- Found OGRE_Volume: /usr/local/lib/libOgreVolume.so
-- Looking for OGRE_Overlay...
-- Found OGRE_Overlay: /usr/local/lib/libOgreOverlay.so
-- Looking for OIS...
-- Found OIS: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libOIS.so
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/xxxxxxxx/Documents/rigs-of-rods

It seems to have found all the dependencies looking at the above. However, when I run make I get the following error:

Quote:source/angelscript_addons/CMakeFiles/angelscript_addons.dir/build.make:62: recipe for target 'source/angelscript_addons/CMakeFiles/angelscript_addons.dir/scriptany/scriptany.cpp.o' failed
make[2]: *** [source/angelscript_addons/CMakeFiles/angelscript_addons.dir/scriptany/scriptany.cpp.o] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:256: recipe for target 'source/angelscript_addons/CMakeFiles/angelscript_addons.dir/all' failed
make[1]: *** [source/angelscript_addons/CMakeFiles/angelscript_addons.dir/all] Error 2
Makefile:83: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

This suggests something funny is going on with the angelscript. But I succesfully installed it using the link above:

Quote:mkdir angelscript
cd angelscript
wget http://www.angelcode.com/angelscript/sdk...2.22.1.zip
unzip angelscript_*.zip
cd sdk/angelscript/projects/gnuc
SHARED=1 VERSION=2.22.1 make

sudo make install fails when making the symbolic link, this removes the existing versions
rm -f ../../lib/*
sudo SHARED=1 VERSION=2.22.1 make install

cleanup files made by root
rm -f ../../lib/*
cd ../../../../../

What could be the cause of this error? How can I resolve this issue?

thanks in advance

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  Multiplayer Texture Glitches
Posted by: lexman02 - 09-15-2017, 11:56 PM - Forum: Game Support - Replies (3)

So in multiplayer, if someone spawns one bus with a texture file, every bus after that spawns with the same texture even though the .truck file has defined different textures.

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  Help with chassis
Posted by: Timkoerhuis - 09-15-2017, 05:23 PM - Forum: Content creation - Replies (1)

Could somewane help with placing a scania cab on the man tgx midlift chassis

( for the modderators if it is not in the good chat pleace move it)

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Posted by: Datguy77 - 09-12-2017, 01:31 AM - Forum: Game Support - Replies (1)

my game wont start up it say something about OGRE exceptions and something  invalid video mode

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  Red Bull GRC Rallycross Track
Posted by: MilesKim25 - 09-12-2017, 01:30 AM - Forum: WIP - Replies (11)

Hello everybody, so I have been working on this map over the last few days and I finally have some pics of my progress and I would like for you to tell me what you think. I have much more tow work on such as surrounding scenery that will fully block out the void that currently surrounds the map. I want to replicate the whole GRC experience in ROR and I also included a little map that replicates the ones that you get at the real events. ALSO, I will have a beta version released very soon.

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