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2nd & 3rd Generation Bluebird Vision School Buses

2nd & 3rd Generation Bluebird Vision School Buses 2019-08-31

great detail & chassis! good for roleplaying as well as being an invincible battering ram
I just love these school buses in Rigs of Rods, just keeps getting better and better!
Keep up the work man!
it is a good bus
Nice design, love the sounds!
One of the best buses!!!!!!!
Is there a way to turn on the engine fan? Or is it already on?
How do you turn on the emergency flashers, 4 ways, or hazzards, how ever you refer to them.
I would love if you made a 4th gen, 1st gen, and second gen (2008) Bluebird vision!
Really good quality! Best bus on Rigs Of Rods!
Good job the bus has good handling everything is nice on it but one thing blue birds are not the safest none of the busses are if they had seat belts sure they would be safe but over all if I had to guess a scale of ten to zero I would give it a 10
Good bus overall, but needs more work on the inside like speakers
How do i get rid of the rear light?
One of the best buses that I have seen in a while. I wonder if it is possible for you to add an option for the "Exterior Light Monitor" as well.
best in game
Hi, Jason_! I love the bus! There is just 1 issue. I don't seem to have a horn on mine. I don't know if it's my file, or if it's the bus.
love it keep making more buses
Best Vision(s) I've ever seen and driven in RoR.
all this thing needs is a horn beep-beep :)
Nothing gets better than this! Seriously, this is unbelievable.