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Altec DC-1419

Altec DC-1419 1/23/2018

Made for: https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/chevy-kodiak-woodchip-truck.94/

Chipper needs a few small things, as the jack wobbles a bit, but that's just like most of my things. Was planning on waiting to release it with sounds from my roller, but it still doesn't have sounds. Is enter-able/ Has a particle emitter that spits out wood chips, when you press "G"

attachment-image-0002 (1)_7ID.png
attachment-image-0003 (1)_949.png


No mods without permission, except skinzips.

I don't want to see any part of this in any game or on another thing without my permission.

Je ne veux pas voir des parties de ce v?hicule dans un autre jeu ou quoi que ce soit sans mon accord.

Nenhuma modifica??o sem a minha permiss?o, e n?o coloc?-lo em outro jogo.

or something. Prolly won't help.
I think that's it. Don't think I forgot anything
DarthCain, MrSteakPotato, K20
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