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Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV 12/24/2019

Atlas, Masfilip, CuriousMike
This is a Citroen 2CV Atlas and Masfilip made for the Factory Car Competition. Atlas made the model, Masfilip made the N/B.

Changes from the original release:
  • Fixed all spawner log errors
  • Made green/white skins selectable between versions

  • Medium detailed model
  • Realistic suspension
  • Average destruction quality
  • Horrible UV's (Bluntly)
  • Realistic Citroen engine sounds
  • Openable Doors, bonnet, trunk

  • Default green version with flexbody wheels
  • White version

Modding rules:
  • You have the freedom to modify this car. Just no Slammed, Bling bling & horrendous modifications that burns my eyes please.
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Latest reviews

This mod is very good and realistic, but I have a few gripes (though they are by no means major issues):
Personally, I hink the suspension is not soft enough for a 2CV. Although as a car guy I think it was just me testing it.
Also, I think the body should be weaker (again, I have exerted research on the 2CV so I know this stuff kinda) as the real car is, after all, made of pretty much sheet steel.
And lastly, I think it needs a little less power (the original, which this bodystyle is here, had 9hp).

But these are just personal, and by no means is this a bad mod. I enjoyed and loved to see this car in RoR.
-- This is all my opinion. Don't take offense from it. --
Model - Great exterior, missing windows but I don't really care about that
Interior is good, although I think it needs some touching up :D

Suspension - I'm not a big car fanatic, so I'm just gonna say it's great lol

Destruction - As said in the "features" area, deformation is okay, not good but not bad

Notice for people downloading: it's slow. Probably should be expected, but still very slow

Overall, great mod! Glad to have another car in the ROR repository.