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Cummins 6BT

Cummins 6BT 11/14/21

Forget what I said last time, no project is ever complete.
So anyways I figured this pack could use some polishing up, so in this update:

  • Made both loaded and normal idle sounds
  • Adjusted the low/mid/high rpms to transition almost seamlessly
  • Adjusted start/idle/stop transitions as well (along with start/stop sounds remaster so they actually sound like they go together)
  • Also removed the jumbled sounding K5LLA with a new remastered K5LA with a realistic (as realistic as you can get in Ror) fade off effect
More stuff might come in the future, because like I said: No project is ever complete!
Remastered the low, mid, and high rpms, and removed the rev limiter
finished the low/mid rpm sound and added a train horn that is exclusive to these sounds
added turbo sound and rev limiter
added jake brake and high rpm sound