Freightliner FLA Cabover Semi

Beta Freightliner FLA Cabover Semi 0.1

The Freightliner FLA series was the successor to the White Freightliner cabover. I've had the great privilege of sitting behind the wheel of an FLA and then completely dismembering it for parts. That experience almost 3 years ago led me to model one of these iconic trucks for RoR.

This truck is powered by a Cummins Big Cam IV paired up with an Eaton Fuller 9-speed. It features locking differential, air horns, air suspension, and Alcoa rims.

I started this project with great hope of finishing multiple truck configurations, but shelved the project with only the standard version mostly complete. It's not the most refined vehicle, but it looks nice, so enjoy a beta version to play around with.

I think this is the first vehicle in RoR where you can roll down the windows?


F3/F4 - Tilt Cab
F5/F6 - Air Suspension Dump
F9/F10 - Driver's Door
CTRL+F9/CTRL+F10 - Driver's Window
F11/F12- Passenger's Door
CTRL+F11/CTRL+F12 - Passenger's Window

screenshot_2017-08-25_20-11-24_2.png screenshot_2017-02-02_09-25-17_2.png

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Best truck
This mod is VERY Well made, It has so much detail.
For example, As you reach higher speeds/rpm's, The Driveshaft/Fan will spin.
If you want to do some trucking in RoR, I recommend this mod 10/10.
This thing is smooth
Very nice and smooth.
Really nice truck. Although the 5th wheel tends to wobble around and struggles with semi heavy loads.