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Re-uploading this again.

Hello, I have textured the awesome excavator that ärzte made and released some time ago. I have his permission to do it, and release the product that I made.

All credits go to him, all I did was clean up some parts in Blender, and use it to UV the meshes, and give all of them a proper AO bake.
I also added a guid, for proper skinning.

Comes with the Standard Hitachi skin, and my take on the original skin by ärzte.

Also, As with any of my things, no modding without my permission, and no taking parts and putting them in other games. If you want to release your Skin, using a skinzip, that's fine. And just because it was taken by someone, and put into Farming Sim, I do not want to see it anywhere else.

F1-F2 Rotate upperstructure
F3-F4 Boom Raise/Lower
F5-F6 Stick Extend/Retract
F7-F8 Bucket Dump/Curl

F9-F10 Track 1 Forward\Reverse
F11-F12 Track 2 Forward/Reverse

I find it works best if you use Manual transmission, and put it in neutral, in order to move at a decent speed.

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attachment-image-002 (1).pngattachment-image-003.png
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Love the excavator! One thing though. How do I haul thus beast? I tried loading sideways by using boom to lift tracks to get on Neg Boom 85ton Trailer since ramp is too narrow to match extension, it rather destroy the main boom ram, only lift about a foot then snap. I also tried the 55 ton Fontaine that's low to ground, the extension platform is not useable since it just rode through it like it's not there. How, pray do tell, do I haul this thing?? All in all, love the excavator, it's just the hauling problem.
The machine weighs about 125 US tons. It would be disassembled to be moved around. You can hold backspace to load it sideways on the Mr. Phat trailer on the repo if you want to move it though.