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Latest reviews

Probably my favorite full sized offroader. (If not my favorite offroading vehicle of all time.) It handles pretty good, it's fairly fast. has gearboxes, deforms, has great collisions, and an amazing model with some animated parts. (Such as window wipers.) The only downside is it's a little FPS heavy, but not too bad. Even our toaster of a PC can run it fairly well. Highly recommended.
Probably one of my favorite average sized vehicle mods. They handle fairly well, look decent, and are quite functional. They also got decent deformation and collisions. (I believe) Although the collisions aren't the greatest. Still a great mod.
in my opinion I love all of these buses but the 2018 ice crashes my game
childhood memories
WOW didnt expected you to make skins for vnl too thanks bro but could you do the skin for lennis man or for negs mercedes i would appreciate that.
One of the best buses that I have seen in a while. I wonder if it is possible for you to add an option for the "Exterior Light Monitor" as well.