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Realistic engine sound tweak/fix for the E36 3 series BMW

Realistic engine sound tweak/fix for the E36 3 series BMW 1

A very simple tweak to the E36's engine section in the soundscript to synchronize the pitch of the engine sound/note with it's correspondent RPM like in real life

NOTE it's not 100% accurate to a real 3 series but very close, ALSO the rev limiter sound is dissabled since it's from a lower RPM than the actual mod so the sound doesn't match really

Any questions/doubts/problems please report thank you,

Have fun
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Its really good! It sounds pretty accurate to the IRL E36.
I enjoy how it doesn't have a Rev Limiter, The Limiter didnt sound that nice.
And I enjoy how the Engine just SCREAMS When you hit 7K RPM's.