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Road Construction Signs and Barricades

Road Construction Signs and Barricades 1.0.0


Type II Barricade

- One standard barricade

- One with Single Barricade Flasher

Type III Road Barricades

- 6' Double Sided Barricade

- 8" Double sided Barricade

- 10' Double Sided Barricade

- 8' Barricade, with two lights and Road Closed Sign

30" x 30" Diamond Road sign with Three leg Base

- Road Construction Ahead

To Turn on the Flashers, enter the barricade with the drop down menu and hit the M key.

You are also able to reset the barricade/sign after destroying it, by entering the object, with the drop down menu, and hitting the "Backspace" Key.

The Skinzip contains a lot of the Signs I felt were the most commonly used. and goes in the Packs folder alongside the .zip.

Credits go to:

DarthCain - For the structure/meshes
Creak - For helping me with the Set_beam_defaults and the stability on the Three legged sign
LT. Smell My - for telling me about the "add Noise" tool which I used to do the .spec files

DarthCain, Creak, LT. Smell My
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