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Thomas FS-65 - Dept. of Corrections

Beta Thomas FS-65 - Dept. of Corrections 1

WillM, Voulk
Created from Voulk's Thomas Built Buses Pack w/ permission from Voulk to create and post.

This bus is from the vanilla pack, with DOC modifications to make it able to transport the mischievous.

Do not edit this bus. Do not claim it as your own. All permission requests should be sent to Voulk, as it is his original model.

This pack has been cleaned of files from the original pack that are not necessary to spawn the DOC bus.

RoR 2021-05-03 21-24-28.pngRoR 2021-05-03 21-24-37.png
First release
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4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Nice mod
Nice bus for bus rp
nice bus, different than your average bus!
Its really nice to have another bus for RoR! Not a School Bus, Not a city bus, But something TOTALLY Different!
This might be useful for RP's.
Really clean bus. Would pass unoticed.