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Xbox One/360/PS4 Controller Input Map

Xbox One/360/PS4 Controller Input Map 3/23/2020

  • To install, Simply extract the zip file into Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\config, overwriting when prompted.
  • For PS4 controllers, make sure you uninstall or disable DS4Windows if you have it installed, otherwise it will conflict!
  • These input maps are only supported on Windows!
This is an improved input map for Xbox and PS4 controllers. The control scheme is heavily inspired by GTA V.

  • Forward/Backward/Left/Right - Left stick
  • Jump - X
  • Run - A
  • Left/Right/Up/Down - Right stick
  • Change Camera - View button
Land vehicles:
  • Enter/Exit - Y
  • Ignition - Right stick button
  • Starter - A
  • Steering - Left stick
  • Accelerate - Right trigger
  • Brake - Left trigger
  • Horn - Left stick button
  • Shift up - X
  • Shift down - B
  • Clutch - Left bumper
  • Automatic shift up - D-Pad up
  • Automatic shift down - D-Pad down
  • Parking brake - Right bumper
  • Toggle lights - D-Pad left
  • Lock hitch - D-Pad right
  • Start engines - A
  • Increase throttle - D-Pad up
  • Decrease throttle - D-Pad down
  • Max throttle - X
  • Zero throttle - B
  • Reverse - Left bumper
  • Elevator - Left stick up/down
  • Rudder - Left/Right triggers
  • Steering - Left stick
  • Throttle - Left/Right triggers
  • Steering - Left stick
  • Reverse - B
  • Center rudder - X

  • Pause game - Menu button

If the controller doesn't respond in-game, try these steps:
  • Is the controller detected by Windows?
  • Does it work in other games?
  • Is the file placed in the correct folder?
  • If you've tried all the above and it still doesn't work, your controller may have a different vendor filename. To fix this:
    • Download the Input Mapping Tool
    • Extract the zip into any folder and run getdeviceinfo.exe - it should output a inputinfo.txt file.
    • Open the text file and check the VendorMapFilename line - if it doesn't match the input map names in the zip, you will have to rename one of the input maps to that filename.
  • If all else fails, please create a thread on the correct support forum with your RoR.log attached.
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