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Thread: Random Screens

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    Re: Random Screens

    Hello and good day to everyone! My first post was on February 5th, the second one was on April 14th, and now I guess this is my third one. Lol. My laptop literally died on me but luckily the drive is still usable and I manage to copy all of my work into this new laptop. I have not manage to install Blender yet due to, well as always been busy, but I am planning to continue with the progress when I got some time. So, this what it looks like now, still need some work to do like textures, a few mesh update, n/b stabilization, and etc.
    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-44-16_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-43-40_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-58-31_1-png
    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-53-15_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-37-42_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_14-58-52_1-png
    Asus NoteBook K55VD 2012
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Intel Core i3-3120M @ 2.50GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 @ 1.10GHz + Nvidia GeForce 610M @ 0.90GHz

    Asus VivoBook A510UN 2018
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    Intel Core I5-8250U @ 3.4GHz 12GB DDR4 RAM
    Intel UHD Graphics 620 @ 1.10GHz + Nvidia GeForce MX150 @ 1.53GHz

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_19-09-10_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-06_19-09-22_1-png En route to Rockton Offshore Drilling Rig
    Let's clear this up right now. I am NOT a detective or a taco.
    But I do like to eat tacos.

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-ecletic-electric-jpg
    That's a Reshade effect. Trust me.
    Will: Aunt Viv, I read all The Autobiography of Malcolm X three times.
    Vivian Banks: That makes you a serious student on Black history?
    Will: That`s a very important book.
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    Re: Random Screens

    ROR Fruit Corporation
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Random Screens-screenshot_1-png   Random Screens-screenshot_2-png   Random Screens-screenshot_11-png   Random Screens-screenshot_14-png  

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-06-12_20-51-24_1-png
    Win 10Pro rig | i5 3570k | GTX 970 | 16GB ram |
    OSX/Hackintosh | i5 2320 | GTX 660 | 8GB ram |
    Asus M580VD | i5 7300HQ | GTX 1050 | 8GB ram |

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    Re: Random Screens

    1995 Freightliner FLD120 Century FlatTop and Rogers-25-ton-TVT
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Random Screens-screenshot_2-png   Random Screens-screenshot_4-png   Random Screens-screenshot_6-png   Random Screens-screenshot_8-png  

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    Rockton County Screenshots

    Rockton County Screenshots

    Mobile home park in rural Rockton County, next to a farm.
    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-02_18-20-27_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-02_18-20-21_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-02_18-21-32_1-jpg

    Suburban neighborhood in Rockton County, a short drive from Rockton City.
    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-06-25_18-32-04_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-06-25_18-32-46_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-06-25_18-32-55_1-jpg

    Rockton City shopping center
    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-07-06_18-14-36_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-07-06_18-14-47_1-jpg

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-03_13-37-17_1-png

    I will not reply to PM's asking for game support! Please use the correct support forum instead.

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-08_16-20-47_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-03_11-41-05_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_00-24-06_1-jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-08_16-20-47_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-03_11-41-05_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_00-24-06_1-jpg trucking

    - - - Updated - - -

    work work work work
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-03_22-17-23_1-jpg   Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_00-47-07_1-jpg   Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_13-02-30_1-jpg  

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    Re: Random Screens

    Fil? City Line
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Random Screens-screenshot_13-png  

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