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Thread: Random Screens

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_20-57-42_1-pngRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_20-57-53_1-png
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    stock car? never heard of it

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_15-08-11_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_15-09-10_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-09_17-20-12_1-jpg

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    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_12-55-22_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_13-04-31_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_14-28-40_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_14-32-56_1-jpgRandom Screens-screenshot_2018-08-10_14-35-48_1-jpgmeet the man men

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    Re: Random Screens

    Well here is a stripped drift car.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-12_20-19-12_1-png   Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-12_20-19-35_1-png   Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-12_20-20-16_1-png  

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    Re: Random Screens

    Random Screens-screenshot_2018-08-13_15-42-56_1-jpg
    Will: Aunt Viv, I read all The Autobiography of Malcolm X three times.
    Vivian Banks: That makes you a serious student on Black history?
    Will: That`s a very important book.
    Vivian Banks: Will, you can read that book, you can wear the T-shirt, put up the posters and shout the slogans but unless you know all the story behind it you?re trivializing the entire struggle.

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