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Thread: Development Screens

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    Re: Development Screens

    Development Screens-timbertrailer06091801-pngDevelopment Screens-timbertrailer06091802-pngDevelopment Screens-timbertrailer06091804-pngDevelopment Screens-timbertrailer06091805-pngDevelopment Screens-timbertrailer06091806-png

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    Re: Development Screens

    A little bit of updates... I'm too busy at my work and i can't even have my time working on this... but i still working on this crane... i updated the bumpers of the Carrier Cab (W.I.P.) and add the Y-GUY Superlift System (W.I.P.) i hope that i finish this model so that i can start the NB and bring it to the game...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-3-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-4-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-1-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-2-jpg  

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    Re: Development Screens

    That hurts
    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-09-07_21-23-49_1-pngDevelopment Screens-screenshot_2018-09-07_21-28-34_1-pngDevelopment Screens-screenshot_2018-09-07_21-28-20_1-png
    Testing acceleration 0-100, not bad
    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-09-07_12-43-17_1-png

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    Re: Development Screens


    Development Screens-sdsdsd-pngDevelopment Screens-untitled-png

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    Re: Development Screens

    Quote Originally Posted by negativeice View Post

    Development Screens-sdsdsd-pngDevelopment Screens-untitled-png
    beautiful project, I own the catalog of version 6, in addition I saw the excavator presence, a beautiful 48-ton machine

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    Re: Development Screens

    Found some old designs I made over 8 years ago. Wonder if they could work

    Development Screens-ska-rmavbild-2018-09-14-kl-01-45-23-jpgDevelopment Screens-ska-rmavbild-2018-09-14-kl-01-55-08-jpg
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