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Thread: Development Screens

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    Re: Development Screens

    Quote Originally Posted by MrE12AX7 View Post
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    Anyone want to guess my latest project.
    Is that a Cadillac DeVille?

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    Re: Development Screens

    No. It is a 1990 Lincoln Town Car.
    Rigs Of Rods is a soft body vehicle simulator. It is not School Bus Simulator 2018.

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    Re: Development Screens

    I still like it, playing with physics in RoR
    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-10-06_20-46-16_1-pngDevelopment Screens-screenshot_2018-10-06_20-46-32_1-pngDevelopment Screens-screenshot_2018-10-06_20-47-14_1-png

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    Re: Development Screens

    Colours on the counterweights messed up a little.

    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-11-01_20-49-49_1-png
    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-11-01_20-58-31_1-png
    Development Screens-screenshot_2018-11-01_20-59-37_1-png
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    Re: Development Screens

    some axle update... just added TELMA FRICTIONLESS FOCUS RETARDER FN72-40 2400NM...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-12-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-13-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-14-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-15-jpg   Development Screens-liebherr-ltm-1750-16-jpg  

    Plain And Simple...

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