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    Gucci!Now I can crush a candy van with it!
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    Toyota AE86

    Thank you.
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    Ford F-Series Pack

    Thank you Curious
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    Rosenbaeur Panther

    Alright thank you.
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    Has anybody made a 2012+ chevy Silverado?

    I am looking for a 2012+ Chevrolet Silverado.Can somebody send me a link to one????
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    Toyota AE86

    It keeps on crashing my game.Is there a way to fix this?
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    Ford F-Series Pack

    Is there a wrecker variant?I have seen it on the forums and never seen it again.Can someone link it to me? Can you send me the link?The download link?Please?
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    Rosenbaeur Panther

    Please add a siren.Unless there is a key to activate it,the thing is good on everything else.
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    EOWS 612 Siren Pack

    Great work!I hope you make a tornado siren some day.But again GREAT work!