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  1. TurboWafflz

    Solved Are the archives down?

    I was trying to look for a file in the archives, but the page wouldn't load, eventually, I just got chrome's "The page took too long to respond" error. Is anyone else having this problem? EDIT: I checked, and it says that it's down for them too.
  2. TurboWafflz

    RoR needs some way to grow it's community.

    Someone really needs to do something to make people more aware of RoR, I only found it on looking for an alternative to Beam NG Drive. But Once I found it, I see it is a much better game, AND it's open source. The only thing it's missing is a large community. I could see it...
  3. TurboWafflz

    New cars included w/o mods?

    In future RoR releases will any extra cars be included in the base game? I think it would make the game more appealing to newcomers as they wouldn't have to go and find cars to do anything, as currently it is pretty much unplayable w/o mods.
  4. TurboWafflz

    Orange VW thing

    Any idea where I can get the orange VW thing being towed here? EDIT: I just realized it looked like I was talking a bout a VW "Thing". So to clarify I'm not, I should have said something different.
  5. TurboWafflz

    Better Linux support?

    Will RoR ever have better Linux support (such as a .deb file to install on Ubuntu/Debian)? At the moment installing on Linux is quite frustrating, and running the Windows version in wine seems to have many problems.